1872 - 2022

Celebrating 150 Years of Hometown, California

1872 - 2022

Celebrating 150 Years of Hometown, CA

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Images Courtesy: San Benito County Historical Society

Recent Submissions

Adam Thomas Bell

Originally From: Morgan Hill, CA Why Hollister: They chose Hollister because it was a small town. My family did not

  • Bermudez Rodriguez

Bermudez Rodriguez

Judy Bermudez Rodriguez Originally From: Mexico Why Hollister: Followed Agriculture Jobs Favorite things: The People and how they value this

  • Gordon Family

Gordon Family

Originally from: Illinois Favorite things about Hollister: The rural aspect of the county, coupled with the incredible beauty of the

Upcoming Celebration Events

Hollister will be celebrating our Sesquicentennial in July 2022 with a month of special events and activities centered around family and community. Please join us and invite your friends to enjoy the riches of Hollister’s residents and culture. Click the Events menu for more details.


Moore Family

During the last week of December 2021, family members and I visited the San Benito County Historical Park. While viewing

Corbin Pacific

Since 1998 Mike Corbin / Corbin-Pacific Inc. Back in the mid-1990s, Corbin Saddles (Corbin-Pacific Inc) was quickly outgrowing their facility


Since: 1999 From: Santa Cruz, CA In all honesty, we originally considered moving to Hollister as a convenience due to

Lucy Brown

We’ve all seen the road sign between Hollister and San Juan Bautista, “Lucy Brown Lane”, but who was Lucy? In

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