Originally from: Illinois

Favorite things about Hollister: The rural aspect of the county, coupled with the incredible beauty of the mountains, valleys and local farmland.

My 2nd great grandfather, Edmund Bostwick Kent, bought his first parcel of land (218 acres) in the Santa Ana Valley in 1872. He had been a farmer in Illinois, owning several tracts in Salem Township (Knox County). He also bought mining supplies and sold them to silver and gold miners in Idaho. He used the proceeds of these enterprises to move out to California.

His older brother James had settled near Sacramento in 1853, so he decided to make his home here too. He brought his wife and four children with him. E. B. Kent’s sons – Henry and Sylvester Kent – both became landowners in the Santa Ana Valley. His oldest daughter Maggie was married to Albert Dunlap, who owned land close to Santa Ana Road. His younger daughter Ada married Frederick H. Sperber in Hollister in 1885. E. B. Kent passed his Santa Ana Valley land down to his daughter, Ada who was widowed in 1887.

After Ada died, she passed this property on to her son and daughter, Carl Sperber and Marguerite (Sperber) Rouse. Descendants of Carl and Marguerite still own this property today. Just as Hollister has been an established city for 150 years, our family has owned our Santa Ana Valley property for 150 years as well.