The history of Hollister can be traced back to 1853 when Colonel W.W. Hollister became one of the first men to drive a flock of sheep across the continent. Upon reaching the West, he acquired Spanish Land Grants in San Benito and Santa Barbara Counties.

At the first town meeting, a dispute arose over its name. San Justo was suggested, but a single man protested strongly against adding another name to the growing number of California towns with Saint namesakes. San Justo was thrown out, and Hollister was chosen.

Image courtesy: San Benito County Historical Society

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East of Eden, Of Mice and Men… stories you’re likely familiar with. Stories that centered around this region. Stories shared with a great deal of skill and an enlightened narrative.

However, a community is made up of many stories. Thousands of them. Some family tales date back generations while others are perhaps joining our community just this year.

Hollister is a diverse community with a rich history. We would love to hear and share your family’s story with other members of the community. Please take a moment to fill in the form below and attach a photo you’re willing to share with the world.

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